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Dr. Díaz is a very special individual.

I get very attached to my health care professionals, especially if I think they are conscientious, so when Dr. Diaz purchased her practice, and I was inherited by her, I was somewhat apprehensive about losing the dentist who left. As with so many of things that I am not enthusiastic about, I got it wrong. In fact, it turned out to be fortuitous.
Dr. Diaz is sensitive and intelligent, and I notice that she insists on a high level of professionalism from her staff. Also, she is an ethical individual, who knew I would be unhappy with information she needed to tell me. Yet she did it anyways. I appreciate honesty and courage,and I appreciate that she came up with a solution that really satisfied me. This is a very special individual, committed to her calling, and her patients.
Abraham B.

You have my heart and dental health in your hands.

My experience with Stonebrook Dental started with a critical emergency root canal treatment, less than 48 hours before a flight to a sunny holiday location.
I hadn’t slept all night and counted every hour before 7 am came around, until I could call an emergency dental clinic that would take me right away. Dr Diaz answered her cell phone before 7 am and instructed me to call her receptionist at the office right away to book me in, as soon as I could get there. I did as instructed and was all taken care of, and on my way home before 9:30 am. Dr Diaz, Nadira and her fantastic team of skilled professionals took me in their arms, soothed my pain and enabled my vacation to go “tooth-ache” free, I have since visited Stonebrook Dental and each visit was as pleasant as the first one. I had never hugged so dearly, a dentist in my life, as I did Dr. Diaz.
Thank you Stonebrook Dental... you have my heart and dental health in your hands.

Great Job!

I have just had my teeth cleaned by Crystal Cooke. She did an amazing job. She has a gentle touch and did an absolutely thorough job.

Skills and Patience

I meant to write this comment before. The dentist is my least favorite type of doctor (and I am sure that I am not a favorite type of patient for dentists), but that does not mean that I cannot appreciate when one is very good at their job. My husband and I appreciate Dr. Diaz skills and patience. When I went to the specialist, referred by Dr. Diaz, he mentioned that not many dentists would have picked up on the problems I had with my teeth (I think especially the lower one).
Just to let you know,

Friendliness, Support and Flexibility

We are two York University professionals with a young kid and have been patients at Stonebrook Dental for several years. With a change in the doctor’s team in 2010 we were first slightly concerned, as it had taken us so long to find a dentist in whom to trust for excellence and patience especially in regards to children dentistry. We must say that our concerns were completely unfounded. Not only does the Stonebrook staff continue to excel in friendliness, support and flexibility in arranging for appointments and guaranteeing on-time treatment, Dr. Diaz and her assistants are great professionals and all of us were very happy with the quality of dental care. In fact, Dr. Diaz is going out of the way to accommodate short term needs and responds to emergencies promptly. They all work patiently with children and make the dentist chair a pain-free and positive experience, not just for our son but for us as well. We have had an amazing experience so far. The quality of the dentistry is exceptional. Continue the good work!

Great service

Your work is of the highest nature. You spend time with your patients; you explain in detail about the procedures. I appreciate your honesty in that you only do what is absolutely necessary for your patient.
I trust you wholeheartedly and recommend you without hesitation.
Kind regards,

Great First Experience!

I would like to give special mention to Pilar the hygienist who cleaned Sophie’s teeth – she is fabulous! Right away Sophie was put at ease and she was so calm! Great first experience!

Very Knowledgeable Staff

Each time I visit, from the moment I walk through the doors, I am welcomed with a friendly smile and courteous service. In addition to their state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff, Stonebrook Dental has always provided every comfort to make visiting the dentist a much more enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Their attention to detail and satisfying a client’s needs goes above and beyond all expectations. I would recommend this family oriented practice to anyone looking for a quality place to help protect and enhance one of life’s most valuable assets.

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