Dental Fillings North York

Dental Fillings North York

Fillings are a dental procedure used to restore lost tooth structure and treat decaying, cracked, or worn teeth. Modern dental innovations enable the use of materials that closely resemble natural teeth, resulting in a restoration that is almost identical to the original tooth in terms of strength and look.

Tooth-coloured Composite Restorations

Modern tooth fillings are mercury-free composite fillings that match your tooth colour:

  • Can be bonded directly to your enamel
  • Require less tooth preparation
  • Are smaller than traditional metal fillings
  • Provide a more seamless match with your tooth enamel.

Dental Filling Procedure and Maintenance

Cavity Preparation

The dentist will begin the procedure by removing any remaining decay and shaping the final cavity.

Composite Resin Filling Material

The next step will be the addition of a composite-resin filling material, which is then cured (hardened) with a curing light. The final step will be polishing the filling to adapt it smoothly to the natural shape of the tooth.

Porcelain Dental Inlays and Dental Onlays

What Are Dental Inlays?

Dental inlays are used to treat teeth that have decay or damage lying within their indented top surfaces and in the grooves between the cusps of the teeth. They can also be used to replace old or damaged metal fillings. Since dental inlays and onlays are made from tooth-coloured porcelain or resin, they provide patients with more durable and natural-looking results than metal fillings. In addition, family dentist Dr. Diaz can influence the shape of the inlays and onlays to ensure a secure bond to the tooth surface thereby adding structural integrity.

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What Are Dental Onlays?

Whereas dental inlays are designed to treat decay within the cusps and top projections of a tooth, onlays are used to treat decay that extends to one or more of the cusps. Like dental inlays, onlays are created from tooth-coloured material, which makes them virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Onlays also help to conserve more tooth structure because their use requires minimal removal a tooth’s surface. Perhaps their most important benefit is that, in saving damaged teeth, onlays help patients avoid the eventual need for more extensive treatment with dental crowns,dental bridges, or dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Inlays and Onlays

In treating dental decay, inlays and onlays help to eliminate tooth sensitivity and eventual tooth loss. Accordingly, dental inlays and onlays offer the following benefits to patients:

  • Since they can be made from tooth-colored material, including porcelain and composite resin, inlays and onlays are virtually invisible. Unlike metal fillings, inlays and onlays will not expand or contract in response to temperature changes caused by hot or cold foods, thus reducing the risk of fractures within the tooth.
  • The use of inlays and onlays require less tooth reduction than metal fillings. This allows dentists to conserve more of a patient’s natural tooth structure in the treatment process.
  • Dental inlays and onlays can help strengthen teeth by up to 75%.
  • Inlays and onlays can replace silver fillings to create a healthier, more natural-looking smile.
  • By saving decayed teeth, inlays and onlays prevent the need for more extensive treatment later on in life.
  • Inlays and Onlays

    In some cases, cavity preparation could become very large for the filling and the dentist will recommend an inlay or an onlay (partial crown) rather than a filling - a restoration procedure designed to replace more tooth structure than a normal filling. This is accomplished by having an impression made and the inlay or onlay prepared in a dental laboratory. The final placement of the inlay or onlay will be made during a second visit at Stonebrook Dental.

    Regular Check-ups

    Fillings do not last forever so it is essential that you visit us regularly for scheduled check-ups. Fillings can develop cracks or simply wear down due to chewing forces. The dentist monitors the integrity of your fillings during regular exams and will recommend replacing a filling if a problem is detected.

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