Dentistry for Kids North York

Dentistry for Kids North York

Children Dentist in North York and Toronto

At Stonebrook Dental, our main goal is to ensure that each and every child has a POSITIVE dental experience and perspective on dental health. We believe that each child deserves compassion, understanding and patience in life — and in the dental chair. Upon arrival at our North York dental clinic, each child is introduced to our dental team members and our dental equipment using a simple show-tell-do process:

  • We SHOW children what something is,
  • We TELL them what we will be doing,
  • We gently DO or demonstrate the equipment or procedure.

We often involve the parents in assisting us throughout the show-tell-do process to ease children into this brand new environment — thus turning the dental appointment into a positive experience.

When Should Your Child Have His or Her First Dental Exam?

Children’s Dentist Dr. Nubia Diaz and the Ontario Dental Association recommend that all children have their first dental exam by the time they are a year old. This first check-up includes not only an examination of the teeth but also the growth of the jawbones, condition of the tongue, palate, tonsils, throat, floor of the mouth, TMJ (temporomandibular joint), and the lymph nodes of the head and neck.

Stonebrook Dental’s FREE Toddler and Child Day Program

Our free Toddler Day at the Dentist Program is open to all Toronto residents and runs on Saturdays every one to two months.

We promote positive, fun, and educational first experiences at the dentist for all young children and toddlers. And, we would be more than happy to have your child attend our program! Call Stonebrook Dental today at 416-636-4227 to schedule an appointment for your child and your whole family.

Lear more about our Toddler and Children’s Day by watching our video:

Kids' Teeth Q&As: Expert Advice for Parents

We understand that parents may have questions about their children's dental health. That's why we have put together a comprehensive Kids' Teeth Q&A to address common concerns. Learn about the best snacks to give your child, the impact of sugary drinks on teeth, when to transition from bottles to free-flow feeder cups, and more. Our expert advice can help you navigate through the challenges of maintaining your child's oral health.

If you are looking for a dentist in North York for Dentistry for Kids please call us at (416) 636-4227 or book an appointment online.

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