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Preventive dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals and focuses on those procedures and practices that help people to prevent the beginning or progression of oral disease. Its main purpose is to preserve healthy teeth, gums and the prevention of dental caries and oral disease. And if disease has already settled, it will help to catch it in its early, more treatable stages.

Conditions that may be affected by poor oral health include but not limited to: diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular. For all of these reasons, it is important that Canadian citizens  Canadian public, private and professional policy makers become informed as to the extent and severity of oral health conditions in Canada.

Regular dental checkups can reduce the risk of permanent tooth and gum damage, and expensive treatment in the future.

Preventive dental care should begin in infancy, within the first year of life before teeth first appear, and continue throughout life. Even before teeth erupt, parents can clean infants’ gums after feeding. Preventive care in adolescence includes preventive composite fillings, regular dental brushing and flossing, as well as wearing custom made sport guards to protect the teeth during contact sports.

The results of good preventive dental care are healthy teeth and gums throughout one’s life and the early detection of oral disease. Preventive procedures, such as fluoride applications, preventive composite resin and sealants, can prevent tooth decay.

Restorative dentistry, including the placement of fillings, crowns, and dental work, addresses tooth decay and tooth loss that can result from periodontal disease and tooth decay.

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