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Removable and Partial Dentures North York

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Removable dentures are dental appliances that artificially replace missing teeth. There are two main type: complete and partial dentures. Other kind include: overdentures (on implants), immediate and transitional dentures. Can be made either of metal or ceramic clasps.

Dentures are supported by bone and gums and over time the bone shrinks. This may cause your dentures to become loose, causing them to slip off or even fall out of your mouth. Proper care and regular visits are important factors for keeping your mouth healthy and well fit dentures.

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Loose dentures can cause sore spots, difficulty chewing and even may change the look of your facial features.

Do not forget to visit your dentist regularly even if you do not have natural teeth.  North York cosmetic dentist Dr. Diaz will let you know when they need to be replaced, also a cancer screening exam should be performed at least once a year.