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White Composite Fillings North York

A white/composite dental filling replaces part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or accidental damage. White fillings are now becoming a more popular alternative to amalgam (silver and mercury) fillings. They are tooth coloured and are made of composite resin. They are bonded directly to your teeth and look more natural than their metal counterparts. In most cases it is quite impossible to see that the teeth actually have fillings.

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Here at Stonebrook Dental we do not place any dental amalgam (silver) fillings, due to the compiling evidence linking toxic effect of mercury contained in dental amalgam to neurological diseases. Based on extensive scientific research, several world governments as Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Norway have banned the use of mercury in dental amalgams especially in pregnant/lactant women, those with autoimmune and neurological diseases.

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Athough the CDA (Canadian Dental Association) recognize amalgam fillings release minute amount of mercury vapors, has not banned its use, it does not restric its use either. Patients are encouraged to discuss with their dentist an appropriate choise of material as composite resin, porcelain onlay/inlays used to restore your teeth.

We do not place any dental amalgam (silver) fillings in our office.