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Bicuspid or premolar teeth, found in the rear of your mouth, bridge the gap between your front canine teeth and your larger molars. These transitional teeth exhibit characteristics of both canines and molars, facilitating the cutting and initial processing of food before it reaches the molars for thorough chewing. In each dental arch, both upper and lower, you have a total of four premolar teeth.

The primary distinctions between premolars and molars lie in their size and shape. While molars typically have four cusps or points, premolars possess only two. Furthermore, molars are noticeably larger compared to their bicuspid counterparts.

Both premolar and molar teeth feature pits and fissures between their cusps, which can trap food particles and bacteria, potentially leading to cavities. However, the grooves in molars are typically deeper and more challenging to keep free of cavity-causing debris.

With regard to their roots, premolar teeth generally have a single root, except for the upper or maxillary first premolar, which may have two roots in some cases. In contrast, all molar teeth have at least two roots, with upper molars typically having three.

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