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Prophylaxis North York

Prophylaxis is a broad medical term used to describe an action taken to prevent disease. Dental prophylaxis is a procedure that removes bacterial biofilm and biotoxins caused by remaining food particles in the mouth, preventing diseases such as gum and periodontal disease and dental decay. A professional preventive dental appointment is much more than a cleaning. During this appointment, Dr. Nubia Díaz from Stonebrook Dental in North York removes food debris, bacteria plaque, tartar (calcified dental plaque) and extrinsic stain on the teeth. For these procedures, clinicians often use dental hand instruments like scalers and curets as well as ultrasonic instrumentation that is powered by concentrated air and water streams, and polishing modalities to remove stain and any remaining plaque on the teeth.

Dr. Nubia Díaz from Stonebrook Dental in North York also completes an oral cancer screening, identifies other systemic issues that may by evident through oral manifestations, such as inflammation in the gum tissue stemming from uncontrolled blood sugar in diabetic patients. The effectiveness of the patient's at-home oral care routine is also assessed.

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